Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mickey Palace Handphone Strap

Price: $4

Noco Noco Friends Set (Series 2)

Size: 12cm
Price: $5 each ($13 for the set of 3)

Pooh and Hello Kitty Furry Bag Straps

Size: 14cm
Price: $5 each ($8 for the set of 2)

Mickey and Minnie Miniature Cup Set

Price: $5 for both

Minnie Face Cushion Bag Strap

Size: 12cm width, 8cm length
Price: $5

Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse Bag Straps

 Size: 14cm
Price: $4 each ($7 for both)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Disney Traditional Chinese Bag Straps

Size: 12cm
Price: $5 each ($18 for the set of 4)

Furry Round Chicks

Price: $3 each ($8 for the set of 3)

Minnie and Oooohhhh Alien Bag Straps

Size: 12cm
Price: $5 each ($8 for the pair)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pooh Key Tag

Description: Cute Pooh Key Tag for slotting individual key
Price: $4

Assorted Crocs Accessories

Price: Stitch and Marie @ $6 for both, Care Bears @ $6 for all 3

Donut Rings Disney Bag Straps

Price: $4 each ($10 for set of 4!)

Mickey and Minney Lollipop Bag Straps

Price: $1 each

Stitch and Care Bear Bag Strap

Price: Stitch at $3, Care Bear at $4

Hello Kitty and Melody Bag Strap

Price: $5 each ($8 for both!)

Rilakkuma Keychains

Price: $5 each ($11 for set of 3!)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Melody and Kuromi Bag Straps

Size: 12cm
Price: $7 each ($10 for both!!)

Mini Capybara Furry Plush

Price: $2 for BOTH!!

Cinnamoroll Keychain

Price: $4 each (Buy both for $6!)

Winnie The Pooh Lazing on Pillow

Price: $2

Disney Characters Bag Straps

Size: 10cm
Price: $6 each ($12 for the whole set of 3!)

Rilakkuma Bag Strap (Series 2)

Price: $3 each

Doraemon Keychain

Description: The crystal ball which the Doraemon is holding will light up when a tiny button is pressed
Price: $3

Yoshi Bag Strap cum Key Chain

Size: 12cm
Description: Hands are magnetic so that they can hold their hands together
Price: $8 each ($22 for the set of 3)

Scrump Keychain

Price: $2

Winnie The Pooh on Flower

Description: The stalk of the flower can be coiled
Price: $3 each

Disney Characters Shiny Straps

In Stock: Gold Stitch, Doraemon, Pooh, Bunny and Marie
Price: $3 each

Colourful Care Bears Pens (Limited Stock!)

In Stock: Pink and Red-Orange available
Price: $3 each

Mameshiba Figurine Keychain

Japan Taito Prize Mameshiba Figurine Keychain - $4 each ($16 for the whole set)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disney Sega Cartoon Characters Hp Strap

Sitting in a humpty dumpty position
In Stock: Top row (Dumbo), Bottom Row (Aladdin)
Size: 8cm.

Price: $5  $3 each (OFFER!!)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Stitch Glitter With Birth Stone Bagstrap Version 2


Size: 12cm
In Stock: Stitch (Jul, Aug, Sep,Oct, Nov and Dec)
Description: Shiny Stitch with birthday months written on foot and wearing different colour beaded necklace

Price: $10 $6 each (Whole set of 6 at $28!! SPECIAL OFFER!!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Marshmellow Disney Characters Bagstrap

Size: 13cm
In Stock: Mickey and Minnie
Price: $9 $5 each ($8 for the pair!!)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Mickey and Minnie Bag Strap holding blood type

Size: 7cm
In Stock: Mickey x1, Minnie x1 (Holding "A" Blood Type)
$5 $4 ($5 for the pair!!)

Gloomy Bear Bag Strap/ Keychain

Size: 12cm
Prize: $6 $5 each or $6 for the pair (OFFER!)

Keychain Stitch

Size: 10cm
Price: $5 each or ($16 for the WHOLE SET of 4! OFFER!!)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hearts Keychain

Size: 12cm
In Stock: Minnie x1, Poohx1
Price: $6 each ($9 for both!!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sega Disney Boron Handphone/ Bag Strap

In stock: Mickey and Minnie (1 pair)
Size: 12cm
Price: $7 each or $10 (OFFER!!) for the pair

Sega Disney Mini Towel

In Stock: Stitch x1, Mickey x1
Prize: $2 FOR BOTH

Sega Shiny Stitch with Fortune Tag (with Strap)

Each Stitch carries a tag with different fortune wordings as below:

Blue: Friend
Yellow: Lucky
Green: Smile
Purple: Happy
Pink: Love

Size: 10cm each
Price: $5 each, Whole Set at $22 $18

Tigger Cushion

Size:35 cm
Price: $16 $10

Sega Stitch Keychain and Bag Straps

Size: 12cm
Price: $5 each, Get both at $10 $7

Disney Sega Princesses

In Stock: Cinderella in Blue dress and Snow White
Height: 15cm

Price: $7 $6 each, (Get both at $12 $9! OFFER!!)

Sega Boron Disney Keychain Straps

In stock: Marie x1 and Stitch x1
Price: $7 $6 each, (Get BOTH at $12 $9!